Natascha Fresneau

Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

+49 170 812 59 61



NAAN designs and producs knit unisex one size double-sided clothes made of natural materials. Each item is a unique 2-in-1 created product which you can wear both sides - front and back. Change your outfit by turning it around and show the world the other side of your personality.


NAAN makes small single-piece collections, which indeed are the one endless collection. Despite randomness and diversity of items in a collection, they are all connected and represent the main idea, style, and spirit of our brand.


NAAN likes to mix simple shapes and elements in a way that looks unusual, sophisticated, and new. Simplicity is the complexity.


Our style is a combination of different styles, trends, and visions - minimalism, street, avant-garde, futurism, urban, ethnic. Fusion gives us more room for creativity. We are always searching for something neoteric, non-standard, and meaningful. Our clothes are the expression of our aesthetic and personal taste and also our vision and philosophy.